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Joedy Lim

Pastor / Dagupan, Pangasinan

Pastor Joedy U. Lim is from Dagupan City, Philippines, Senior Pastor of Good News Community Churches, Pangasinan. In 1995, Pastor Joedy and his family moved from Baguio City to Dagupan city, when they heard God's call to plant a church. Today GNCC Dagupan, has 10 daughter churches.

Around 1997-1998, Red (Pastor Joedy's wife ), and some Church leaders were seeking the Lord for direction for the ministry, they were impressed by what Jesus said, " What you did to the least of the Brethren, you did to me " Mathew 25:40. and so the " Alay Kay Jesus" ( Offering to Jesus ) project was born. It started with a simple feeding program, where they sought for an indigent community named Sitio ( barangay ) Babasit, to feed malnourished kids with Vita Milk ( a nutritious milk ). Amazingly, a few months later they received an email and met Sue Yeager at the Airport in Manila to begin a partnership in the feeding ministry , and so The Hope Centers were born. Now there are many Hope Feeding Centers.

In 2002 the Education Sponsorship Program was born, which aims to help students ( from grade 1 to grade 12 ) who are studying in Public schools by providing monthly allowances for fare, school projects and food to hundreds of kids and families. In 2021they launched the College Education Sponsorship Program, starting with 5 students. Today there are 9 students with One college graduate!

Joedy Lim
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