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Sue Yeager

Director / Las Cruces, New Mexico

Sue along with her husband Russ are the directors of Hope Centers. They have been involved in ministry to the Philippines for the last 35 years. In 2010 Hope Centers International became its own non -profit organization. Russ and Sue at that time became the overseeing directors of Hope Centers, an organization that had been started in 1999 through Heart for the World Church and Pastor Dale Walker. This ministry feeds hungry children in Philippines, Lithuania and Cuba.

Sue also oversees the ministry of Dream Release. Project Dream Release is educational

scholarship program under Hope Centers International. We seek to make education available to

the children from the poorest areas of the Philippines and empower them to reach their dreams.

“We want to empower todays underprivileged kids to become tomorrow’s leaders by making

education and spiritual discipleship available to poor children and their families.”

Sue has received and embraces the deposit of passion that God has given her to bring

healing to the hurting and repair to breeches that life brings not only to Christians but to the

unsaved as well. Her passion is compassion, and she lives to bring the very best to those who have the very least.

Sue Yeager
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