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March Update Philippines

Small Moments = Big Memories

The gospel can only be presented in person-the essence of evangelism is to show what Jesus is like!

Hi friends, It is time to send out my schedule for my March Philippines trip! As always I am pretty excited for all that the Lord has whispered He wants to do on this adventure. I have been learning so much about hearing God's whisper, like a storm hearing the voice saying, peace be still, or a guy who was dead, come out, or my real favorite is at a tomb, Mary saying I thought He was dead and then a voice called her name!!! Thinking on this gives me great opportunities to trust the Lord, and to put my weight on Him, I am certain of this, that leaning into Him will open many possibilities.

Please pray for myself and the team, that as we trust and listen this will determine the destiny of our time in the Philippines. This is a new season, one of breakthroughs! We have been working on our NGO status in the Philippines and it looks like we could possibly celebrate the completion of this marker for Hope Centers... As always please pray for Russ and our family as they so generously stand in the gap, and the rainy weather, xo Sue



Monday, March 5 Sue leaves Wednesday, March 7 Arrive in Manila Ana Glenn, Dale, arrive in manila Thursday, March 8 Sue and team leave to Butuan Lunch at Bashi outreach 6:00 Breakthough Healing Service at TJFM Church with Dale and team Friday, March 9 Seminar 9-4 with lunch, How to Lead a Spiritually Healthy Church, with Dale Dinner with Brenda and Pong and family Saturday, March 10 Hope Centers outreaches 2 areas in the morning 2 areas in the afternoon Dinner with Hope Center Leaders Sunday, March 11 Dale preaching at TJFM church morning Dale preaching at Garry church afternoon Sue preaching Taliganan Church Dream Release student dinner

Monday, March 12 Tauzon island outreach Tuesday, March 13 Dale home to US Sue and team day with Brenda and Pong Wednesday, March 14 Sue and team travel to Manila/Dagupan Thursday, March 15 Morning outreach-Aling and Pantal Afternoon outreach Silungan

Friday, March 16 Outreach Sabangan Evening prayer at church Saturday, March 17 Outreach Mangaldan and mamalingling/Salisay Sunday, March 18 Preaching morning Head to MNL Monday, March 19 Sue returns home

Thank you for being committed to the destination of helping us feed and educate kids...we are grateful, thank you for praying and listening to God as He directs, thank-you for helping us prepare to obey the strategies that will allow for God to expand the Kingdom by acting on those things which we, Hope Centers, have been called to do..... thank you

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